Here's Just a Small Sample of the Positive Feedback We Receive About This Course:

your course is awesome.. Bebin, [email protected]

It really helped get my foot in the door of the guitar world. I have all the major chords down and am still working on my progressions

James , [email protected]

Hello Claude, well for sure I owe you that much and more. The lessons are great and I check each one of them and Ive learned some things by doing so.

GW , [email protected]

claude these lessons youve given me have been great. and im really getting the chords and chord progressions. im 17 and finally decided to start so i found you.

Nick, [email protected]

The UBG has been great to me and am really apreciative of the lessons. - Evan

Hey Claude I just want to let u know that your guitar tips have really helped me.

Steve ,
[email protected]

This is a really helpful course! - Aaron

I really like the quick 2:00 lessons like Heavan's door etc. Super helpfull....QUICK and EASY - matt,

[email protected]

I think you are doing a great job at teaching me guitar. I've learned a lot so far

Lucy , [email protected]

hi Claude, I'm so glad to learn with you're help I never played guitar before, bat now I can play a bit! I know the future we will better thanks to you

carlos , [email protected]

UBG is the best

mark - [email protected]

claude, you really have a great service going on here.. From Kevin - [email protected]

I really like your Guitar coarse. I play much better, even better than my neighbor down the street. thank you very much!!!!

Jonathan - [email protected]

Course is helping a lot. I am just getting into it.

Freddy - [email protected]

I must be progressing s because I am working on the first chords and getting them done cleanly. Joe

[email protected]

Hi Claude, Wow...what a great teacher you are! I really like your course so far...I am just trying to get the music theory stuff. I can play a few songs now just knowing the simple chords and I am getting better everyday! Thank you so much and I will use your course over and over until I can rock!
You are great!
Stacy - [email protected]

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Absolutely fantastic, very easy to comprehend and laid out in a structure that's very user friendly

Mark - [email protected]

hey thanx so much for all of your wisdom it really helps. Im just begining at this whole guitar thing, But all or this stuff is great.


[email protected]

the Ultimate Beginner's Guitar course is exactly what i needed to help me get started with the guitar and the basic chords they help me alot and thank to you Claude I am now playing my favorite songs that i wanted to play. so, Thank-You again.

Becky [email protected]

very helpful. I feel paying a personal instructor has became a thing of the past. So, I really appreciate all your help


[email protected]

I am on the coarse and it is fantastic. You make it so easy to understand. You are my fiend and mentor. It works. I am learning so quickly. WOW!!!!

Thanks Andy - [email protected]



[email protected]

Mr. Claude, I think that what you put in the computer is great. Your lessons because i've beening learning guitar for five yeasr and not get nothing until i seen your lessons in struming and timing.. now i am geting some rhythm out of my guitar thank you, that's what I would tell a beginner, to look at the lessons you give.


[email protected]

oh,my gosh! I love your lessions so much!! I've had trouble getting my playing together till recently and i sat and wached your videos,they astounded me! I've read book after book,website after website,but you were the BEST I could find. Your lesions are great! I love how CLEAR they are. Finally somthing me as a begginer can understand. thank you soo much for all your help!! I aprecciate it more then I can tell!!


[email protected]

The course is great. The price is the great. The lessons are well presented and clearly understood by me. It is like having a one-on-one with an instructor. Ken

[email protected]

Hello,I have the course and like it,thanks Kelly [email protected]

In two weeks of using the course, I have already learned more about guitar playin than my brother could tell me, the course is absolutly fantastic - Johnny

i bought the course and looked it over for a while and am very impressed with,it you even included music theory. I think you have done a good job selling your product you told the truth(very impressive)and left out the b.s. .i am trying the chords right now and hopefully move on to progressions later today.i was paying 65 bucks a month and all my instructor did was hand me a chord chart and said practice these.if i had a question i had to wait a week and hope it didn't take an hour to explain.with this i can watch the videos over and over again,pause it and rewind it until i get it.i am very glad i seen your advertisement and will tell my friends that are learning with me .


[email protected]

I have purchased the course. It has helped me quite a bit and in 3 days I already started playing entire songs! Not GREAT, mind you, but I can play 3 songs and others can actually hear what I am playing! It is the coolest thing to have people sing to MY playing!!!!


[email protected]

It is a good program! It starts you off basic, and it gradually gets harder!


[email protected]

Since recieving your program I have found it easier to understand the fundamentals of basic guitar playing. I try to practice the basic chords daily. Hopefully with continued practice I will eventually be able to play a song or two for my friends. Thanks for all your help. Doug

Thanks for the basic chords I have really enjoyed the clips. I actually learned something from them and They have made it enjoyable for a beginner.

Tarah [email protected]

I think you're GREAT and I hope you could help me play a Guitar again! Keep Up your Good Work and GOD BLESS YOU! Thank you Claude.


[email protected]

I thought that the course was great. Especially how you had videos of yourself explaining things, that seems most helpful to me.


[email protected]

I got your starter edition for my nephew as he is just starting to learn to play. I was quite impressed at the simple language which was an important aspect as my nephew is dyslexic and has trouble and the easy progression through the simple chords.I gave him a few weeks to get his head around it and am now waiting to see how he gets on. i have been playing for a few years now, but did not have access to a computer when i started, so bought books from shops, i found these very confusing as they all go into too much detail. Keys, chord building etc, all of which is unnesscary when you first start and all you want to do is make a sound that resembles music. I think you are doing a great job and this is a fantastic starting point for any complete beginer adam - [email protected]

Hi i have bought the course a week ago. I am enjoying it very much. i think it really improved my chords,

Regards Elke


[email protected]

the info you've given me has taken me to a whole new level i actually cried because i never knew i could create something so beautiful on a guitar.

Thanks, Dennis [email protected]

Claude is the best instructor i have ever had , i can play my favorite song! Yours Truly,


Honestly, its been a big help to me. Im trying to learn the guitar 100% on my own and you 're videos are all showing me things that I do incorrectly and how to fix them

Sincerely, Maria [email protected]

I honestly belive the lessons were great. They show the notes step by step and gives me a good vision of how the song sounds and how to play it.


[email protected]

Claude, I would like to start by saying thank you very much ... i have the hang of the basic cords and switching between them with proficiency and confidence.

Thanks for all you are doing. Thanks so much.

Sincerely, Dave

[email protected]

The course is great! I would recommend it to my friends and anyone interested in learning.


[email protected]

YOUR LESSONS ARE PERFECT.hope to hear from you as you will be hearing from me and my Fender,thanks so much for all your effort and excellent lessons Claude,kindest regards Nicole

[email protected]

Hey man its great...I learned so many things and thanks a lot.... - unknown

your course has really helped me and i just wanted to wait and see if it would actually help me becasue i didnt want to waste my money on something that wouldnt help me. but yours helped me the most so far.


[email protected]

The beginners guitar course is really helping me so far. I have definately improved since I joined! Thanks a lot!


[email protected]

I just started learning the acoustic a few months ago...bought a lesson book/CD but I prefer to watch your videos.


[email protected]

The course is really helping me to learn the chords and chord progressions. I had never toutched a guitar before I started your course and after one week I have learned seven chords and some chord progressions.

Kirstin [email protected]

Hi Claude! yeah a love the course, i am been following and practicing evrey step. thanks for your help i never play guitarr before and i think your method is easy. Thanks again.


I LOVE the course so far...Im 46 yrs old and by no means have plans on joining a rock band...I just want to play by the camp fire and family gatherings etc... The first 8 chords are coming along pretty good... Much Thanks & Respects

Grammy Debbie,

[email protected]

this course is one of the best around

Dominique - [email protected]

Claude, I have bought your course, and what I did use so far I enjoyed, and think it is great for beginner and maybe people with some knowledge of playing, God bless. Robert L. Kirk [email protected]

I'm REALLY excited cause I'm really getting the hang of it.. Duder, i'm learning something!!! Thanks for going snail pace, i hate it when guitar teachers just limit me for their agenda of charging me another half an hour for just a couple of licks.. Thanks for looking out for your students bro

Marcus [email protected]

Hi Claude! You are amazing! Since I began with your courses my friends are thinking that i have played for several years, but I have only played for five months. Thanks for that!

Hendrik - [email protected]


andreas - [email protected]

thanks claude i've learnt a lot so far! thanks

dominic - [email protected]

Mr Claude i have been receiving and practicing all the lessons online and it has worked well to me.

i just played on without any theoritical background of music but now i find sweetness when i play after going through all your vedio lessons and tips. You have proved to be good online teacher.

Deepak - [email protected]

Hello Claude, I 'm a beginning guitarist with no music background at all. I've down loaded your very helpful info and its helped to organize my practice plans. I think your basic beginner lesson plan is just what I was looking for.

George - [email protected]

claude johnson is an amazing guitar teacher. im usually real slow when it comes to learning how to play instruments. however with the tips and advice and techniques that claude has given me, learning to play the guitar is soooo easy i think. - Jennifer

I love the lessons, I am learning so much so fast!


[email protected]

The course is splendid my friend. I have been playing for some time now and even so , I've grabbed some golden bars I can use from your beginners course. The singing and playing at the same time has been hard for me to pick up, but in your course you show how the two collide together.. Very cool! It's something not all online courses show and I think that is what makes yours stand out!

[email protected]

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hi am doing great and thanks from very great help

CONSOLATA - [email protected]

thank you so much. i've enjoyed it so much. Juana [email protected]

By the way really enjoying the course and picking this up really quickly. I've not picked a guitar up in 15 years having messed around at school a bit years ago. The wife's even impressed.


John - [email protected]


i think this is great.

tabitha - [email protected]

the lessons have been great

ron - [email protected]

i am learning so much more now!!!

kaitlyn [email protected]

It's a great course, i thinK!

joanna [email protected]

I've found this beginner's guitar course really helpful. :)

Amanda - [email protected]

great course

Grant - [email protected]

I think what you are doing is great! I really like your method. It makes learning fun and easy. Sincerely Yolanda [email protected]

I would recommend the course to anyone who could buy it. It really takes the confusion out of playing. Carl [email protected]

Thank you very muchyour guide has given me an area to start and i have been able to sort through some of the confusion.

will - [email protected]

i think i have learned quite alot its aweseome, i cant wait 2 b able 2 play my fav. song.. u rock from luluxx

thnx claude for your help again i'm very grateful to u hav a great time niskarsh thapa [email protected]

Hi Claude,

I think the course is good. It breaks things down into digestable chuncks. My mistake was learning guitar by memorizing tabs and not really getting to know the basics.


James - [email protected]


I have bought your course,and i very impressed at the difference it has made to my playing in such a short space of time. yours sincerely,

Raymond,thxs. [email protected]

It is so far the only course that I have found that I can understand. I thank-you for the ability to teach me some beginner steps.

[email protected] - Elizabeth Williams

I found your website about a month ago. Using your instructions, I've been able to learn all the basic chords huck [email protected]

I have bought the course several weeks ago and enjoy it very much!

eric - [email protected]

hey claude!

how are you doin? thanks for all the help you give me! i have learnd a lot through you! thank you for all your help!

amy [email protected]

Dear mr. Johnson you are a great help to me with your course. It has helped me on my guitar a whole lot. Thanks! Jessica [email protected]

However,it has helped me loads. toni [email protected]

Your site has really helped me and I greatly appreaciate it.

Gesalenique [email protected]

Dear Claude, your course has really helped me. I've gotten alot better since I started using your program. It is very helpfull.


Thomas - [email protected]

Your mini lessons are a BIG help. Thanks! -charles

Hello Claude,My Name is Alan Greer, I just wanted to E-Mail you to let you know how glad I am to accidently stumble onto your website!! I AM Telling EVERYONE I Know Who's interested in playing guitar about you. Thanks so much!! Musically Yours,

Alan [email protected]

Claude, I really enjoy the lessons so far. I find them very easy to follow. I have even gotten my 13 year old son to pick up his guitar again. Thank you so much for putting such and easy to follow course together for the beginner. I have tried many other beginner courses , but none have been as easy as yours to follow and stay with. Thanks again,

Julie [email protected]

I did grab a copy of your UBGC and I love it! I've been taking lessons privately since my birthday (Sept 24) but Your course has helped me so much in the past week I can't believe it! The chord progressions are much easier the way you teach them. I'm learning the strumming technique and have practiced and practiced changing chords smoothly. By the way--my birthday was my 60th. This is so much fun--wish I'd started YEARS ago!

Thanks! Marcie - [email protected]

Heyyy Claude-ayy! thx for the rawking guitar advice, you really shouldn't have :D You ROCK MY WORLD! I've learned some chords and chord progressions, and i OWN them! Lots of Love ,

Becsch - [email protected]

I love all of your videos and documents and i have found them EXTREMEMLY helpful.

Haley - [email protected]

thank you sooooooooooo much very very pleased with the beginners guitar course...its fun,simple,and very easy.i would reccommend this to everyone..that wants to learn guitar fast while getting the results of pros.You Rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jojo

Hi Claude I am doing great. Your course is fantastic! I have learned so much in such a short period of time. I just started on the second part and have watched the first lesson. I look forward to studying with you, as you are a gifted teacher.


Wayne [email protected]

I think your guitar leson over the internet was really good i learned much on my guitar. Thank you very much Claude

Kalle [email protected]

I am really satisfied. Very easy to read and i understand them perfectly. It's also not too difficult and well explained. It's just like if a personal guitar trainer is learning me how to play guitar. I am really happy , keep up the good work!


[email protected]

You are one of a kind... Very helpful and it open my eyes to a wonderful ways of playing guitar... Thks for your help

Jaffar - [email protected]

I'm playing a lot better now than before,thanks for all the help. - [email protected]

It is the best Ultimate Beginner's Guitar course learning tool to help beginner guitarists because you give very detailed step by step lessons on how to learn to play the guitar and i have also recommended several friends to check out your site because i have enjoyed learning how to play the guitar from you.

abraham - [email protected]

Great course. It worked great, I just have to tweak a little bit and I'll be considered a good guitarist. - Greg

i am grateful for your online course because of which i have improved more when compared to last three weeks. i am a student teacher and am fond of music , especially guitar on english songs. once again thank you for your continued help..... i have downloded your clips and am practicing on them..... i pray for your success in your life...........

Deepak [email protected]

i have already brought the course and i find the course great. i was finding it so hard to find a starting piont and i was getting fustrated because i thought i would be able to teach myself, but i was wrong. Your course is giving me the basic fundermentals i need to know , so I can play the guitar. You teach in a way that is easy to understand, thank you. I am finding that learning to play the guitar is fun, not fustrating. thanks once again.


[email protected]

It is a very well structured set of instructions, pretty much what I need to really get me going on learning how to play. Frank

[email protected]

great instruction....


[email protected]

it 's really the first instruction of any kind that was actually clear to me... so yeah! I can pretty much rock now!


[email protected]

Hello Claude,

I really need to say that your course is very, very valuable to me!

I'm a metalhead but if I hadn't bought your course I wouldn't be as good as I am now. I only play for 2 years so it's a daily habit to watch and learn from your course! It's far better than any teacher or book you can find!

Thanks a lot, Claude!

Bjorn [email protected]

By the way your lessons are easy to understand i like the detail instructions Deanna [email protected]

I have learned from the videos is GREAT! Leah [email protected]

Hi, This is Jonathan. I'm with your program online and i want to tell you that your program so far has tought me lots.So thank you very much.

[email protected]

your program has really worked for me thank you && in my opinion it works if you know watchya doin im rockin tha street cuz of it.


[email protected]

Hey Claude,

I have been using your course now for a week and I have learned sooooo much more than I did through 8 weeks of trying to teach myself. This course rock, I would advise any begining guitarist to to take up with this course and take the plunge, it all makes sense once you try it.


I think your lessons are brilliant. I have mastered the chords you have shown me and now i am perfecting them..My husband has been playing since he was 8 years old but i am learning from you as i wish to surprise him when i can play...I have a few muffled chords up to now and i would like to get them perfect...I am pleased with my progress though in the two weeks since i looked at your website...Thanks a squillion.You have given me the incentive to play.....


[email protected]

Dear Claude,

I just wanted to thank you so much for all the info . It is really helpful and I am making progress a lot quicker than I imagined.

I'll hopefully be able to play my first song soon!

Thanks and regards,

Lola [email protected]

I LOVE YOU MAN.......MY FINGERS ARE SORE AND I DON'T WANT TO STOP.....; Jennifer [email protected]

Your course is an excellent one

Wiliam - [email protected]

This Course has helped me begin to learn guitar very quicky and simply, thanks for the help

Mat - [email protected]

Hi Claude, I really, really like your course. It's informative, easily understood and enjoyable.

Mike [email protected]

God bless you. Your program has helped me sooo much Bye, hannah Elise

[email protected]

hey claude! Your course is fab and i love it! I've now been learning at my own pace with it for 2 weeks and im getting good!


louise [email protected]

This is really a great guitar course. It`s not often easy to trust such web pages as this, but in this matter it was well worth it. Thanks,Claude!

Oystein [email protected]

Hi Claude,

Hey dude I love ya to death. I have purchased thus far 3 courses from you. I have enjoyed them all. In fact I have gotten better.

Tom [email protected]

You are the best guitar teacher ever! Henry [email protected]

UBGC is going to be so cool because i wouldnt say im a beginner but i wouldnt say im an expert so this should help me a bit. - Spencer

Dear Claude,

it is indeed an amazing pacakge for whatever skill level you're on. It will teach you things you missed along the way. It is an investment in your skills not an expsense. Something of thlis caliber wont last at this price level, ... you will blow away ayoneone who hasnt seen you play for , he will want to know how you did it, you worked hard and have over the top teaching material ... good luck, you wont need it , just hard work - brian [email protected]

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